Unina prva setnja/Una’s first outting

Una je danas isla u setnju po prvi put! Isli smo u grad jer smo morali kod fotografa da Unu slikamo za pasos. Ova akcija joj se nije dopala jer smo morali da je budimo da bi imala otvorene oci na slici a i fotograf nije bio bas najspretniji. Posle smo se setali po gradu, jeli sladoled i cak pojeli sendvice i popili kafu u jednom od divnih kafica u Delftu. Dan je bio divan i Una je uzivala (spavajuci doduse :)).

Today was Una’s first outting! We went to town because we had to have photos of Una taken for her passport. She did not like it at all because we had to wake her so that her eyes are open in the photos. The photographer was rather clumsy and slow which did not help. After this we took a walk in town, had some ice cream and had lunch and coffee in one of the cozy coffee shops in Delft. It was a beautiful day and Una enjoyed it thoroughly (although she was sleeping :)).

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  1. Christelle

    Dear Mark and JelenaThis is such a great blog for little Una. She looks incredibly cute!!!!:-)

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