Una is 2 months old! (And Mummy turned 30….) / Una je napunila 2 meseca! (Mama je napunila 30 godina…)

Today, the 2nd September 2007, was a very special day. Today, not only did Una turn 2 months old, but her Mom also celebrated her 30th birthday. We spent the day in the company of our friends eating and drinking and just enjoying eachothers company. We all had a great time and Jelena thoroughly enjoyed the last moments of her twenties.

Una particularly enjoyed all the company being handed from one set of hand to the next with an ever growing smile. She enjoyed all the new faces and was particulary taken by Danilo and Frederik wondering why they are small while all the rest of us are relatively huge to her.

Here are a few photos…


Danas, 2 septembra 2007 je bio poseban dan. Ne samo sto je bio Una napunila 2 meseca, nego je i njena mama slavila 30-i rodjendan. Nasi prijatelji su nam se pridruzili i proveli smo prijatno popodne uz hranu i pice a Jelena je uzivala u poslednjim trenucima svojih dvadesetih.

Uni se najvise dopalo to sto je isla od jednih do drugih ruku, smejuci se sve vise i vise. Sve nove (i i ne tako nove) face su joj bile interesantne, posebno Danilo i Frederik, pitajuci se zasto su oni mali dok su ostali gosti ogromni u poredjenju sa njom.

Evo i nekoliko slicica…


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