Play date/Igramo se…

Una and Tobias met again, looking bigger, more serious and ever so cute! Lisa and I spent a lovely afternoon chatting about all stuff baby related and much more. Una and Tobias behaved like perfect angels much to their mums’ surprise. One of these days they will actually be able to play with each other, for now the extent of their interaction is leaning on each other as you can see in the photos 🙂


Una i Tobias su se ponovo sreli, ovaj put veci, ozbiljniji i i dalje preslatki! Lisa i ja smo provele prijatno popodne caskajuci o bebi-temama i svemu ostalom. Una i Tobias su bili super-bebe citavo popodne, na veliko iznenadjenje njihovih mama. Nadamo se da ce uskoro moci i da se igraju zajedno, za sad njihovo “druzenje” se svodi na medjusobno podupiranje, kao sto se vidi na slikama 🙂


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