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What is Una never going to become?

An engineer. Ever.
One of your duties and priviliges as a parent is to protect your child from all sorts of stuff, right?
Well, I will do my bestest best to protect her from choosing a profession that one day might lead her to come in contact with people like the bunch that I just had the honour of spending the evening with.
Instead of exploring Munich, walking in the snow, staring at the wall of my hotel room, anything, I had to sit for three longest hours in the history of time with the dullest bunch of people that you can possibly imagine. Or for your sake I hope you can’t.
I am the one normally defending engineers (I have to, I am one of them :)) when people think they are boring/obnoxious/narrow minded/{insert your own}. And seriously, ou some of the brightest, funniest, most caring people I’ve met are engineers. If you know Mark, you know I am right. But this bunch? Oh my. And these were all big shots (I was by far the most junior there), people who have travelled the world, met all sorts of people, experienced different cultures. You would expect they would be fun to hang out with.

OK, enough rambling. It is almost midnight and I am off to bed to gather energy for the second half of the meeting tomorrow. Yay! But then I am off to get on the plane and go back to my brilliant, funny, loving husband engineer and my gorgeous daughter who is never going to become one.

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What Mark has been doing instead of sleeping…

Una and I took a little scouting walk to our house this morning to check out Daddy’s (and a few friends’!) painting work in progress. I love it and can’t wait to move in (still a few things to be done: paint the doors, finish and oil the floor on the ground floor, install the floor on the first floor (it will be done in brazillian cherry (Jatoba), the same as downstairs), install the “laminaat” on the second floor in the playroom/tv room (this is where Una is going to paint, draw on the floors etc :)). Lots to do still but we are getting there!

And a few photos, as you can see the focus was on the walls because this is the only thing that has been done so far 🙂

The entrance hall

The front room (three walls are a shade of beige and one is a weird shade of red)

The backyard

The master bedroom

Una’s room

The playroom/TV room

View fromo the playroom onto the balcony

The balcony

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Una’s latest…

With the house renovations and madhouse at work things on our side have been incredibly hectic in the past few weeks, hence my blogging hiatus (it’s not like I am the world’s most regular blogger in any case but this has probably been the longest…). And since my brain is in total information and processing overload right now (work multitasking, wall colour(s) choice overload, trying to make sense out of Una’s recent language development etc) to write anything meaningful, I will leave you with a few latest photos of Una…
Kao sto vecina vas zna, kod nas je poslednjih par nedelja bila opaka guzva, sto zbog renoviranja kuce, sto zbog posla tako da dugo nismo nista pisali (nije da smo mi neki regularci ali ovo je bas previse). Posto je moj mozak trenutno potpuno preplavljen sa svih strana (vec pomenuti posao – februar treba ukinuti, neogranicena ponuda boja za zidove – nisam imala pojma da ima 138670 nijansi bez boje (!) i pokusavanja da ukapiram bilo sta od onoga sto Una neprestano brblja – osim “neee” to je sasvim jasno), postavljam samo par slika za sada…

Speed typing/ Brzo kucanje

Since Mark’s and my painting gene were surgically removed at birth we rely on other people to save Una
Posto smo Mark i ja operisani od crtanja, racunamo na druge da spasu Unu

Potty training is hard work *** Covek se umori na nosi

The teddy bear/doggy to the rescue – this is a toy that Mark’s mom knitted for Una, she claims it is a teddy bear, Una barks when she sees it. What do you think? I find it adorable, regardless of the species.
Tu je meda/kuca da pripomogne – ovo je napravila Markova mama, ona tvrdi da je meda, Una laje kad ga vidi. Ja mislim da je genijalan u svakom slucaju. Sta vi mislite sta je?
A Saturday afternoon outing at Prinsenhof/Subota popodne, Prinsenhof
Una is a true chocolate junkie, she loves it in any form: hot chocolate, chocolate bars, nutella…
Una obozava cokoladu u svim formama: topla cokolada, cokoladne table, eurokrem…
Exploring a cozy coffee shop in the Prinsenhof (former convent)
When Ivan is around, mama and daddy count for nothing
Kad je Ivan tu niko drugi se ne racuna

Moderately pleased with mama and daddy’s choice for the wall colours in her room (pastel green and pastel yellow)
Boje koje smo izabrali za njenu sobu, pastelno zelena i pastelno zuta su joj se dopale tako/tako

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