What is Una never going to become?

An engineer. Ever.
One of your duties and priviliges as a parent is to protect your child from all sorts of stuff, right?
Well, I will do my bestest best to protect her from choosing a profession that one day might lead her to come in contact with people like the bunch that I just had the honour of spending the evening with.
Instead of exploring Munich, walking in the snow, staring at the wall of my hotel room, anything, I had to sit for three longest hours in the history of time with the dullest bunch of people that you can possibly imagine. Or for your sake I hope you can’t.
I am the one normally defending engineers (I have to, I am one of them :)) when people think they are boring/obnoxious/narrow minded/{insert your own}. And seriously, ou some of the brightest, funniest, most caring people I’ve met are engineers. If you know Mark, you know I am right. But this bunch? Oh my. And these were all big shots (I was by far the most junior there), people who have travelled the world, met all sorts of people, experienced different cultures. You would expect they would be fun to hang out with.

OK, enough rambling. It is almost midnight and I am off to bed to gather energy for the second half of the meeting tomorrow. Yay! But then I am off to get on the plane and go back to my brilliant, funny, loving husband engineer and my gorgeous daughter who is never going to become one.


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