How did that happen?/ Kad se to desilo?

Yes, Una is two years old and we have no idea where the time went. There is nothing baby-ish about her anymore, she has turned into a real little girl and it is so amazing to watch her (well minus the tantrum thing but won’t go into that now :)). She now makes 3-4 word sentences in both English and Serbian and is getting better and better at distinguishing the two when she speaks to Mark or me (e.g. Daddy, mooore mi’kies!/Mama, jos m’eko) but she is also picking up more and more Dutch which is great. Of course she first mastered the survival words: nee(no), ja (yes), weggg!! (go away, although if you heard it you wouldn’t need to speak Dutch to know what it means the gggg sound tells you that it is nothing pleasant :)), mijn (my) etc but now she is learning a few new words every day. She also likes showing her Daddy off at daycare, every time he drops her off she points at him and tells her friends “Mijn papa, mijn papa” (at home she calls him Daddy) which of course makes Mark melt there and then. Mama is the same in both Serbian and Dutch so this is less interesting.
Unin drugi rodjendan je dosao i prosao a mi se i dalje cudimo sta se dogodilo sa nasom bebom koja vise nije beba. Tacnije u Uni vise nema ni b od bebe, sad vec uveliko brblja na sva tri jezika i cak uglavnom pogodi sa kim prica i prilagodi jezik. Tako je skoro otisla kod Marka i trazila “Daddy, more milkies”, Mark joj odgovori da sam ja vec u kuhinji i da trazi od mene, ona dobaulja i kaze “Mamaaa, jos mleka!”. Pocinje i da prica na holandskom sve vise (tu je prilicno zaostajala u poredjenju sa srpskim i engleskim), uglavnom izraze za prezivljavanje tipa “nee” (ne), weggg” (sklanjaj mi se sa ociju :)), “niet doen!” (nemoj to da radis) i sl.

And now a few photos of Una’s 2nd birthday week. I am (un)fashionably late with this, as always, so I will keep the story short as most of you have already heard how it went so I will leave you with some photos. I am saying Una’s birthday week because we practically celebrated it over four days:
Evo i nekoliko fotografija sa rodjendana. Posto vec kasnim uveliko i vecina vas je vec cula kako je sve proslo evo samo fotografije Unine rodjendanske nedelje (slavilo se 4 dana :)):

Day 1 (Thursday, her actual birthday): Mark and took a day off work and we all went to one of the islands in the south of NL. A cousin of mine, Marko, happened to be in NL at that time for a conference and joined us for the day. The weather was unbelieavably good for NL. It was such a lovely, relaxing day on the beach and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday.

Dan 1 (cetvrtak, njen rodjendan) – Mark i ja smo uzeli slobodan dan i zajedno sa mojim bratom od ujaka, Markom, koji je iskoristio priliku da nas obidje posle konferencije u Amsterdamu, svi otisli na jedno od ostrva na jugu Holandije. Citav dan smo proveli na plazi i super smo se opustili!

The lovely beach in Renesee/Plaza u Renesee

Lunch time/Rucak

With uncle Marko/Sa ujka Markom

Day 2 (Friday): Una had a little party at daycare, her little friends and teachers made her a birthday hat, sang to her and the teachers told us that she loved being in the centre of attention.
Dan 2 (petak): Slavlje u vrticu – napravili su joj krunu, pevali za stolom i vaspitacica nam je rekla da je Una bila odusevljena citavom pricom.

Day 3 (Saturday): A party for Una’s little friends: a few from her daycare and a few of our friends’ children. Una was screaming with excitement when Duncan (her best friend from daycare) showed up, it was so cute. We rented a jumping castle for the day and the kids had a blast. The cake is homemade (yes, I have to brag) and I think Sanja and I did a great job, even if I say so myself :). We sang “Lang zal ze leven”, “Danas nam je divan dan” and “Happy Birthday”, it was fun!


Dan 3 (subota): U subotu su nam dosli Unini drugari, sto iz vrtica sto kucni prijatelji. Una je bila odusevljena kad je dosao Duncan, njen najbolji drugar iz vrtica. Tortu smo pravile Sanja i ja, zar nije ispala sjajno (skromnosti ime ti je…). Pevali smo joj na holandskom, engleskom i srpskom i Uni se mnogo dopalo.

Jumping castle fun/Skakanje

Thomas fun/Thomas vozici

Best friends/Najbolji drugari

Day 4 (Sunday): A party for Una’s big friends (aka Mama’s and Daddy’s friends) – we had a bbq in our backyard, so lots of meat, sweet corn, salads, wine and fun.
Dan 4 (nedelja): A sad zurka za Unine velike drugare – pravili smo rostilj sto znaci meso, peceni kukuruzi, salate, vino – i sta jos treba!

More presents?/Jos poklona?

More Thomas/Jos Thomas

More food/Jos klope

And best of all, more friends!/I sto je najvaznije, jos drugara!


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