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A very special day…

I know, I know,  I still owe a story and photos from our Baltic holiday and a recap of Una’s third birthday party and I promise I will get to it as soon as my laptop stops acting up and allows me to upload photos. Working on that.

This post is about something else though, a small episode taken from one of our Wednesdays (yesterday to be more precise). For a few months now Una has been living in the pretty pink/princesses/dresses-only world. Having never gone through something similar myself it is definitely very interesting to observe. Luckily she loved the dress I picked out for her to wear for her birthday party, even though it wasn’t pink (gasp!). So much so that she would wear it all the time if we let her. Normally things are busy with going to daycare, going to the park or town etc so she doesn’t dwell too much on it, as long as she is wearing another pretty dress. But yesterday, we had already been to the park, had lunch, she had taken a nap  (an oh-so-rare and welcome event around here) and we were just relaxing in the afternoon sun in our backyard when she told me that she wanted to put her pretty dress on. I knew exactly what she meant but I tried telling her that she was already wearing a pretty dress to which she firmly replied “nooo, the other one”. And just when I started making a list of excuses that I can give her as to why she shouldn’t wear the dress (she will spill something on it and make it dirty, will not be able to wear it on the upcoming trip to Serbia and Iva’s baptism etc) she looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes and said “pleeeeease, mama”.

Half an hour later Una and I were sitting in our backyard, she in her pretty lavander-white frilly dress; I in well, the only summer dress that still fits me but a dress nevertheless; sipping tea from our lovely Japanese tea cups, a gift from my sister from years ago, normally kept for special occasions only (given that I am married to a non-tea drinker these occasions are very rare). It was a special occassion indeed, the first “official” tea party my daughter and I shared. And while I was watching her trying so hard not to spill any tea on her beloved dress, I thought of another beautiful little girl and her mum whom I have never met but have stumbled upon their story. And I was so incredibly grateful for this special moment.

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