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Introducing Nestor!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest addition to our family – Nestor! He made his grand appearance on October 26, at 2:15am weighing in at 3910gr.

My waters broke on Sunday morning at 2:30am, one day shy of 38 weeks. Needless to say, this took us by surprise as we haven’t expected much to happen for another couple of weeks. I had read all these stories about storms of contractions starting immediately after waters breaking so I started getting anxious. But not much happened within the course of the next few hours, we phoned the midwife in the morning, she came around 1pm and told us that I have 24 hours to start labouring in order to deliver with them, if  not I will be turned over to the hospital staff. I started listening religiously to my Hypnobirthing CDs hoping to jump start the labour but other than a few sporadic mild contractions here and there not much was happening. We figured  that perhaps we should send Una to Sanja and Ivan’s just in case that her presence subconciously delayed labour. Yes, I was that desperate to go into labour on my own and avoid induction.  So off went my first baby so that I could wait for the arrival of my second baby. After more than one tear shed around this very emotional moment (by me of course, she waved quick goodbye as she was really looking forward to going to her best big friends) I tried pulling myself together and again focussing on all the techniques we had learned to relax and bring on the labour. Mark and I spent the evening watching Mama Mia and just relaxing but nothing happened and Monday morning my midwife practice phoned and told me that they had made an appointment at the hospital for me to have the baby checked out and discuss the next steps.

Once in the hospital we were strapped onto CTG, had an echo done and a couple of other check-ups and since everything looked good I was given until Tuesday morning at 7am to start labouring on my own at which point they would induce me. I was very grateful they didn’t induce me right away and had a good feeling that something would happen by then. Monday afternoon Una came home for dinner and cuddles and then she was back to Sanja and Ivan’s. I asked Mark to play yatzee to pass the time, which we did, until about 10pm when we went to bed. Still no contractions. At 11pm I woke up feeling rather strong contractions and tried timing them but they were coming really close to each other. I was listening to my relaxation CD and tried staying relaxed and focussed. By 11:30-11:45 I had started shaking and woke Mark who saw that things were getting serious, quickly jumped in the shower, packed the last couple of things and off to the hospital we went. We checked in around 12:30, by 12:45 I was strapped onto the monitors and at 12:55 the midwife checked me and asked if I had the urge to push. I was very confused by this question but it turned out that I was already fully dilated and ready to push! Mark and I were really shocked as we were expecting another 30 hour marathon. At that point the contractions were really strong but the hypnobirthing visualisation and breathing techniques still worked. The midwife told me to use these powerful contractions and nudge the body into pushing the baby out. The first couple of times I tried it didn’t work  so we decided to wait for pushing contractions. They were not coming so I tried again, my body took over quickly and 5min later our baby was out. It took us a few minutes before we realised that we didn’t know the sex of the baby and I asked Mark to look, which he did and said “It looks like it’s a little boy”. The midwife and nurse left us alone for quite some time and we really enjoyed this special time. I felt great and Mark commented that I hadn’t even broken a  sweat during the whole labour. I showered on my own, got changed and transferred to the maternity ward around 5am where Nestor and I spent the rest of the night. Mark had to go home but joined us early in the morning.

We knew that we would have to spend 24hours in the hospital due to my waters being broke for so long which made us more susceptible to infections. It turned out that Nestor’s body temperature was really low, starting with 34.5C early in the morning and luckily steadily raising througout the day but it was still closely monitored througout the day. Mark spent the morning with us, fetched Una from daycare in the afternoon and brought her to meet her little brother for the first time. Una was really impressed by him, kept saying that was her little brother, really cute. One of her teachers told Mark that while the kids were decorating a slinger for Nestor, Una got everyone attention and told them “Listen everyone, only the pretty colours for my little brother, OK?” My sweet little girl.

Mark and Una left around 7pm and Nestor and I spent the night in the hospital, luckily that day was really quiet and we were alone in the room the whole night. In the morning, both Nestor and I got a clean bill of health and were told we could go home! Mark fetched us around 10am and at home we were welcomed by Sanja, Ivan, Johan and Taryn, the decorated house and some amazing food that Sanja made.

Since then, we have been enjoying the first days as a family of four, being totally spoilt by our maternity nurse who comes every day for 8 hours, helps around the baby, makes lunch for us, does the washing, plays with Una while we take naps – all in all really makes sure that we are enjoying what the Dutch call our kraamtijd. Nestor is a really content baby so far, eats, sleeps, pees (often on us :)), poops and takes in his new surroundings. Una is mostly gentle with him although she tries squezing in a firm hug or two every now and then. I feel great and the recovery has been a breeze.

We still can’t believe how lucky we were with our labour experience and how fortunate we are to be blessed with two beautiful, healthy children. Una is our first baby and she made us a mother and a father. Nestor makes our family complete.


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And now officially waiting :)

I am full term now and Mili can come any day! The excitement is building up and if you want to join in, click here and enter your guess. We will have a little prize for the winner when the time comes!

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Waiting for Mili

I can’t believe that it is October already ! This means that we have about one month left before the arrival of the newest addition to our family. I have one week of work left and honestly, can’t wait for my maternity leave to start. This pregnancy has been so much harder than the one with Una and I am really looking forward to getting some rest and squeezing a nap or two in during the day since decent nightime sleep has become a thing of the past or so it seems.

 The time kind of snuck up on us, we went to Serbia in August then my sister and her family came for two weeks and before we knew it I was 32 weeks pregnant and I realised that we had pretty much done nothing in line of preparing for the baby. Of course we already have a lot of baby gear from Una, so the big basics like the cot, pram, car seat etc are already there, but there was tons of little  things that we still needed and this had set me into a proper panic mode. Mark is already not having the most stellar time of his life watching me not handling this pregnancy very well (and putting up with my mood swings but let’s not talk about that) so to avoid another meltdown he quickly agreed to spend the following weekend shopping. The baby room full of stuff that needs to be sorted out/washed/put away has calmed my nerves down a little bit and I feel a bit more prepared. Kind of. There is still lots to be done though (at least in my head) and I have a sneaky feeling that I will feel the same as during the last weeks of my pregnancy with Una – while most women can’t wait for the eviction day as the pregnancy draws closer (or past!) to the magic due date I was hoping I would not go into labour just yet because I had this and this to finish. Una, being the daughter of the most punctual man on Earth decided to announce her arrival exactly on her due date at which point I realised that I actually was perfectly ready for her arrival. And all was good. I hope it goes the same this time around.

Aside from worrying about the practical stuff, as the time goes on, the excitement of meeting baby Mili is building up (Mili is the nickname I picked for him/her, made up from the two names that were in the game back then when we actually had some ideas – I will come back to this later). I am so looking forward to meeting this little person, getting to know him/her, who she/he looks like and simply having him/her become part of our little family. At the same time I wonder what it will be like, having already experienced the undescribable joy of meeting a child of your own, to go through this with the second child. I am not worried in the least bit that I will not love him/her as much as I love Una, I know I will, I already do. But I am wondering how similar or different the experience  will be compared to the one with Una, starting from labour – will it be as long as the first one; seeing him/her for the first time – will I feel that same surge of happiness and love as I did with Una; the first days – the pain, exhaustion and all I was so incredibly happy during my kraamtijd with Una… And then what kind of a baby will he/she be? Firmly determined that naps are completely overrated (although even if this will be the case this time around I will be armed with the knowledge that they do survive on minimal daytime sleep) or a night owl? Good eater like Una or a fussy one? Will he/she be another spitting image of Mark’s or will some of my features creep in? If it is a girl, will she be a princess-of-all-things-pink-and-girly kind of girl like her big sister or more like me when I was little? And if it is a boy, what will it even be like to have a boy? Yes, I know that a child is much more than its gender but still, I feel like I am kind of getting the hang of being a mum to a little girl…

And then the name story, oh boy. We thought we were set with the boy’s name since we already had one with the first pregnancy. It was a great name, we both liked it, it was international enough that it would fit into all the three cultures, voila. Or so we thought, until it came to spelling. Mark knew that I wanted to have it spelt with an “F” not a “Ph” and he was cool with that until he actually typed the name out to tell a friend. All of a sudden he realised that Filip (the way I had it in my head all along and the spelling I am used to) looks wrong and misspelt. To say that I felt similar about Philip would be an understatement so the name went out of the window and we were back to the drawing board. And girl names – well there we had absolutely nothing. I had used the one name I was in love with and that was it. Now, you must know that I married the most creative man on Earth when it comes to distorting perfectly normal names and making them sound like something bizarre or finding the most obscure reasons why they are not good choices. So Anja sounded too much like onion (?!), Sergei would most certainly be pronounced like “sir-gay”, Lana would just be too matchy with Una and Jana, Stefan – this is his colleague’s name and we couldn’t possibly have him think that he named his child after him; need I go further? And don’t get me started on the whole thing of having middle names, how does that work for people who can’t even find one?  BTW, middle names are not necessary, I don’t have one and come from a whole nation of people who don’t have one and we are all just fine. Or if we are not, that is certainly not because we don’t have two names. But I digress. So as of today, less than 6 weeks before the due date, we have: the first name for a girl that we both like, the middle name for a boy (Mark’s late Dad’s middle name), a candidate for the first name for a boy that Mark is warming up to and no middle name for a girl (apparently Eleonora is an old lady’s name). I really hope we settle this soon otherwise we might end up with Willem or Beatrix (nothing wrong with these names btw, I am just not that fond of the idea of the municipality clerk choosing a name for my baby).


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