An exercise in vanity

I totally forgot to brag about this and before you think that I am the most vain person ever, I do realise that among other amazing things happening to me right now this is really the least  important, but – one week postpartum I could fit into my regular clothes! It didn’t take long with Una either, not sure exactly how long but I know I wore my tightish pencil skirt on my 30th birthday which was 2 months after Una’s birth. But with Una i stopped weighing myself when the scale hit 15kg above my starting weight, and this was definitely before the 3rd trimester (in my defense I started off underweight and gave birth to a 4.5kg baby, but still).

So I guess there are some benefits in being nauseaus and starved ( that’s what medical folk calls it, I’ve got it on paper) for nine months. Would not recommend it to anyone though :).


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