Overheard while baking peanut butter cookies…

{Lazy rainy Sunday afternoon… Una and I are baking peanut butter cookies. Nestor is fussing and no matter what Mark does, and he tries pretty much everything,  is of little help}

Mark: Nestor, calm down already or I will put you in the oven.

Una {whining on top of her voice}: Noooo, doooon’t, it is too hot there!! Not my bwwoooother!!!

Mark {enjoying messing around with her a bit too  much}: OK, then I will put mama in the oven…

Una {completely calm}: No, she is too big.

{please do not call child protection service on us, no one ended up in the oven}



Filed under Out of the mouths of babes

2 responses to “Overheard while baking peanut butter cookies…

  1. That is so cute, and very funny too! And I promise not to call child protection services. We have told James a lot worse.

  2. Abby

    That is funny! I love that she was concerned about N! x

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