I will learn you Serbian, Daddy

After the whole day in the sun and a dinner in the old town of Rovinj we call it a day and head back to spend “the happy hour” (between dinner and the kids’ bedtime) in our apartment. Una decides to start a serious impromtu conversation with her father.

Una: Daddy, you have to learn Serbian. Mama speaks Serbian, I speak Serbian, you really have to learn.

Mark: But Daddy is dumb, my baby.

Una: Ok, I will learn you.

Mark: You will learn me? I already feel better.

Una: Umm… Say “kuca”

Mark: Kuca. What does it mean?

Una: A dog. See, je kan het best goed  (“you are doing well” in Dutch). Now say “drvo”

Mark (now barely containing laughter): Drvo. That means “tree”, right?

Una: Yes.{short pause} You see Daddy, you are not dumb.

By the way, we are thoroughly enjoying all that Rovinj has to offer:


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