Siblings love *** Ko ima sestru…

Sunday morning (or does 6am still count as night on a Sunday?), after having tried for more than an hour to get Nestor back to sleep I give in and come downstairs with the two of them. Oh yes, for the record, Una’s been awake since 5am too). Seriously, if I didn’t vividly remember all +/-4kg of them coming out of me, I would be tempted to question whether these kids are mine.

Anyway, I am trying to keep my eyes open enough not to spill boiling water for Nestor’s breakfast on myself. In the mean time Una and Nestor are lovingly playing together (being awake at 6am is a perfectly good excuse for sarcasm). I hear Una saying “oh mama, the slinger fell!” and next thing I see is Nestor on all fours with the red Christmas slinger around his chest and Una pulling on it.

Una: “Look mama, Nestor is like a hondje (puppy)”

I: “Una, that is not really nice of you”

Una: “Don’t worry mama, it is not around his throat”

The survival of younger siblings is a real evolution marvel, I tell you.


Nedelja ujutro (6 ujutro u nedelju bi trebalo da se racuna kao noc ali ‘ajde), posle vise od sat vremena uzaludnih pokusaja da nateramo Nestora da ponovo zaspi ja odustanem i sidjem sa njima dvoma u dnevnu sobu. Ovo ranoranilacko ponasanje su potpuno nasledili sa oceve strane, cisto da se zna.

I dok ja pokusavam da drzim oci dovoljno otvorene da prokuvam vodu za Nestorov dorucak bez da zaradim opekotine treceg stepena Una i Nestor se harmonicno igraju u dnevnoj sobi. Una se dere: “Vidi mama, pao crveni slinger sa plafona!!” i dva minuta kasnije vidim Nestora opasan istim.

Una: “Vidi mama, Nestor je kao hondje (kuca)”!

Ja: “Mila, to bas nije lepo sto si uradila”

Una: “Ali ne brini, nije oko vrata”

Kako mladja deca prezive je pravo cudo evolucije.



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2 responses to “Siblings love *** Ko ima sestru…

  1. I’m so glad you had a picture…because I had no idea what a slinger is! 🙂

  2. That is the language mess that is my head Lane :). You should hear a typical dinner time conversation in our house – hilarious!

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