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The Origin of Languages/ Poreklo jezika

A lot of people think that having a multilingual family makes things complicated, especially when some family members do not understand one language that is used in the family. In some situations, this is very true. A meltdown of a toddler in a supermarket is one of them. Not only do you have to reason with a screaming and kicking child why licking the supermarket floor is not such a good idea but you also have to translate what you are telling the toddler to the other parent so that you can both be on the same page. Sounds like fun, no?

But there are other situations when it comes in really handy, for example when:

  • The first proper sentence your 16 month old starts singing, all day long, is “What the heeeeeck?”
  • Your 4.5year old says with a very serious face: “Daddy, please take me with you. I will be good, I promise. I will not moan and groan and crap myself.”

You know exactly what parent is to blame for such vocabulary. (Hint: no translation has been performed above).


Vecina ljudi misli da je podizanje dece na vise jezika uzasno zamorno i komplikovano. Ima situacija u kojima je to tacno. Naprimer, kad pokusavate da dokazete dvoipogodisnjaku da lizanje poda u supermarketu nije tako sjajna ideja. Ne samo sto treba da se raspravljate sa vristecim detetom nego treba da prevodite i drugom roditelju, da bi ste, naravno, bili na istoj strani.

Ali ima i situacija kad je to jako korisno. Npr. kad:

  • Prva recenica koju vas 16mesecni sin pevusi je: “What the heeeeeck?”
  • Vasa 4.5 godisnja cerka kaze ozbiljno:  “Daddy, please take me with you. I will be good, I promise. I will not moan and groan and crap myself.”

Trazenje uzrocnika izmedju dva roditelja je sasvim pojednostavljeno, zar ne?



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