We haven’t fallen off the Earth!

Hello from The Land Down Under! We’ve made it semi-alive through 4 airports, 3X7 hour flights, an 8 hour layover and the temperature difference of +15/-20C. We had a “what the hell were we thinking” moments a couple of times and a few dirty looks from the fellow passengers (on the first flight Nestor made a loud sound and a girl in her twenties called out the JC guy but was quickly put in her place by Mark) but overall it really wasn’t too bad.
Having made it here, I have one thing to say – toddler jet lag sucks. Una has adjusted wonderfully, within one day she was fully on Aussie time. Nestor on the other hand, oh my goodness. The first day he went to sleep at 7pm and we were over the moon thinking wow, his usual bed time, fantastic. Two hours later he was awake and had no intention of going back to sleep. This is when it hit us – this was his midday nap! The same thing happened the second day. We will see what Day 3 brings. He and I are also a bit under the weather which is not helping.
So far we’ve been catching up with the family and have explored the neigbourhood a bit but haven’t ventured anywhere far yet. Tomorrow we are hoping to be back to normal, sort of, and then we are off to explore this beautiful place. Mark is shocked how much the area here reminds him of South Africa.
Hope to be back in a few days with some photos!


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  1. You are so brave to even try it! I hope you guys have a blast…though this is giving me a bit of anxiety over V’s jet lag going to Japan…grrrrrr….

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