It has begun

A conversation between Una and Mark yesterday afternoon…

{Una has brought into the house the long rod that used to hold the bicycle flag. Once upon a time it lived on her bicycle but was gently removed ripped out  by a little person who shall not be named. She is swinging it violently around our living room}

Mark: “Una, please take that stick outside” X 46372347

Una: {all kinds of whoosh and swish sounds}

Mark: “Una take the stick outside and leave it there!”

Una (a.k.a The Master of Finding Excuses): “Daddy if I do that Nestor will find the stick and poke his eye out!”

Mark {not quite listening to what she is saying and registering it as yet another excuse}: “UNA, take that stick outside or you are going to go to the corner!”

Una: “Well, Daddy, which would be worse?”

In other news, we are *almost* de-jet lagged. 3am wakings and 4am breakfasts are hopefully behind us. The photo below is taken during the process…




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2 responses to “It has begun

  1. That photo MELTS my heart. I’ll look at it whenever I start to think I only can handle one child…hoping the jet lag is over by the time I write this!

    • Honestly – in some ways two is a lot easier. Even though the age gap between U and N is almost 3.5 years they have started playing together a lot recently and Mark and I are like “What are we going to do with all this time now?”
      Running after two overtired children at a busy airport in the middle of a 36hour airplane journey is another story though :). Seriously, how do people with 3 children do it? You are simply outnumbered.

      I am sure you will do great when the time comes, you are far more zen than most first time mums I know!

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