A moment in the day, a bond for life

Saturday afternoon, Una and I are driving to her ballet class. The boys have stayed behind, it is just the two of us. The winter sun is shining, it is a beautiful crisp day, the type we haven’t had much of this winter. The worn through Mamma Mia CD is blasting and we are singing loudly to “our song” (“Dancing queen”) just because we can (the other day she told me “Mama, play Mamma Mia, Daddy is not here to moan that he is sick of it” :)). After the line “See that girl” that always makes us sing even louder Una stops singing and tells me in the voice she only uses to speak to him and about him “Mama, you know that Nestor sings this “Seeeee that girrrlT“. We both crack up laughing at the sound and image in our heads. And then I realise that I had never noticed the extra T in his performance. I could try explaining that this is because the CD lives in the car and the sounds from the back seat come to us somewhat muffled (thank goodness!) and when we play the DVD at home all our attention is on his dance moves instead. But I know immediately that the real reason is that special link between them that materialises every day, when he tells us that she is sad when her father and I don’t see it or when hers is the hug that calms him after our hugs have failed. And in that moment I feel so very grateful and the sunshine on my windshield becomes too much to bear.




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4 responses to “A moment in the day, a bond for life

  1. linda

    How sweet is that!

  2. I love this SO much. They are beautiful, and I love seeing a brother / sister bond since my fear is that V wouldn’t have such a bond with a brother as a sister.

    • Having a sister I am very close to, I totally understand. Other than brainwashing them with “you are the closest to each other” kind of stuff my parents did I have little control on how their relationship will develop. So far so good :)!

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