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We were resisting it for as long as we could but it was time. We could no longer deny that our 100cm tall baby was getting too big for his baby cot. So yesterday when Mark assembled his big boy bed in his room I took Nestor upstairs to show it to him. He’s always loved Una’s bed and since his is the same we were confident that it would be a success. He looked at it and I saw that he was unsure. I asked him “Would you like to sleep in this bed tonight?” He hesitated a bit and said: “No”. Taken by surprise I tried reasoning with him: “But this is a big boy’s bed and you are mama’s big boy now, right?”. Nestor: “Ne, ja sam tvoja beba” (“No, I am your baby”). I didn’t (and couldn’t) say anything, I just held him tighter.

That night, he did sleep in his big bed, excited that there is a lot more space for all his friends: fancy car (his blue car, no idea why he dubbed it “fancy” but it stuck), Huggy (stuffed blue bear), krava (stuffed red cow), masina (blue train), pada kisa Hello Kitty (Una’s old umbrella. She was never a Hello Kitty fan but her brother? I will tell the story of the Blue Hello Kitty socks some other time). He chatted to his friends for a while as he always does and drifted off to sleep. When I walked into his room later in the night he looked so small to me in that bed, as small as he did as a newborn in the cot. And indeed, you were right, my sweet child, no matter how big your bed is or how many candles are on your birthday cake you will always be my baby.IMG_5484


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