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Next post should be titled 8, right? I’ll see what I can come up with.

I don’t write much about my marriage on this blog. Partially because the blog is about our kids, so I ramble on the joys and challenges of raising them, how motherhood shook me to my core and challenged everything I thought I knew about myself. But I suspect that a bigger reason is that I am generally not the kind of person who talks about things that are going terrific unless I feel that sharing it may help someone else (a bit like if a person with curly hair would brag to me about their hair, gee thanks). So I don’t talk about how I am married to the bestest guy in the world because, well, he is taken, so… And I tell¬†him that (in person, not on facebook, while he is in the other room), which is what counts. But as tomorrow is our seventh wedding anniversary and he is not in the other room but thousands of kilometers away, I am allowed to brag a bit, no?¬†

It has been 7 years, and I still have to pinch myself sometimes how lucky I am to share my life with Mark. He is one of those rare people who go through life with such ease because everything comes naturally to them. I tend to complicate simplest things and make them feel like work but something that everyone says takes hard work feels effortless to me because he makes it so easy. Easy to love him, easy to go through life with him. And I know that no matter what crosses our path, he will always make it brighter and warmer.

“You bring the sun out, to warm my life up

To make my love grow every day.

You bring the stars out, to light the night up

To make the darkness go away.”

Happy anniversary my dearest.


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