Latest Nestorisms

{yelling from his bedroom}

“Mamaaaaa, I am coming downstairs to look after you!”.


“Mama, can I be your boy and Seka can be Daddy’s girl?” (Seka means little sister in Serbian and is how Nestor calls her unless they are at each other’s throats).


I (pointing at a circle he had just drawn): “Nestor, what is this?”

Nestor: “It is a force that holds the sky up”


{the two of us are playing with their Safari Playmobil set. The animals are all in sets of two, a grown-up and a baby. There are rangers around, and buckets for food and water. Nestor is helping the elephant drink from a bucket.}

Nestor: “Now he is drinking Coke…”

I: “Nestor, I don’t think elephants drink Coke…”

Nestor: “Oh, the baby doesn’t, his Daddy does.” (One guess where he heard this before :))


{to be continued}



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  1. Love these, so cute!

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