Day 81

Today I am grateful for dinner time laughter our happy, silly boy is making sure we get plenty of, every day. Like most parents, we try to each our children table manners, which sometimes involves marching orders: sit on your chair/elbows off the table/leave your sister(brother) alone/you’ll choke if you laugh and eat at the same time/stop popping cherry tomatoes so that they splash everyone around, you know the usual. I hope we succeed in teaching them manners without shutting off the laughter.

Oh yes, I am also grateful for Nestor’s daily additions to the dutch/english/serbian dictionary (we aren’t quite sure where he intends to place it). Word of the day – lofelijk (according to Nestor, this means: “Not being in the mood to eat the food that is on the table”). At least for this one he graced us with explaining the meaning, we are still baffled by what bohonder means and he.just.won’t.tell.


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Filed under Daily gratitude, Family, Out of the mouths of babes, Raising multilingual children

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