Long weekend in Texel with Auntie Wees and Uncle Deon

Last weekend Louise and Deon made the first stop on their European journey and came to visit. The kids were SO excited as they’d been counting down days to their visit, Una even had a little calendar on our family board where she would erase one day every morning for a month. Nestor’s enthusiasm *may* have been additionally fueled by the promise of a blue robot Auntie Wees made. Very quickly the kids picked their “favourite”, as you can see in the first two pictures and Louise and Deon spent the weekend playing, entertaining, cuddling, wrestling and whatever it is that aunts and uncles do that makes them so special in children’s eyes. We went to Texel together, an island in the north, which we ignorantly dismissed before as a place where stingy Dutchies, not willing to spend their euros to go somewhere where the sea is actually warm, go. What an injustice. The island is beautiful, an oasis of calmness, greenery, lovely architecture. And of course, mud walks. We could not do the full “wadlopen” experience as the kids are too young for that (you walk up to your knees and higher in mud), but we did the “droogvaltocht” where you get on a boat, get dropped off in middle of the Waddenzee (part of the North Sea) during low tide, spend an hour walking around, looking for all kinds of sea creatures and hoping with all you’ve got that your boat really does come back, otherwise within a couple of hours you’ll be 1.6m under the freezing North Sea water. The boat did come back and we made it to the harbour safely. The whole weekend was lovely, we walked, ate sea food, had a picnic on the beach, ran along the beach. Una got sick on Sunday so I stayed in with her while the rest went to explore the dunes in the west part of the island. After that we headed home, spent more than 2 hours waiting in the queue to board the ferry which we effectively used to deplete the food reserves we had in the boot. Monday came sooner that we liked and goodbyes had to be said. Louise and Deon are off to their next adventures, motorbike races, volcano photographing and Vatican exploring, which are all undoubtedly more exciting than Texel but all the hugs and kisses and memories made even it out. Stroopwafels help too :).


Building Lego together


Reading together


Drooling over the yachts together


Their father and I barely saw them that weekend really


The island is so peaceful, you can’t help it but relax


Freezing their fingers in Waddenzee


Every child needs an uncle to teach them stone skipping


Picnic on the beach by the lighthouse



Mudflat hiking light (“droogvallen”)


Una was absolutely fascinated by the sea life we found


Nestor was providing live entertainment to the whole group. At one point he yelled on top of his voice: “Daddy, I found something special!! I found a craP!” (he meant a craB)


Duinen van Texel


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