Three never again

Turning four is quite a big deal for children living in The Netherlands. Turning four means that you get to go to a big kid school, no more daycare or preschool, no more being a peuter. And from the time you are about three and a half, everyone and their cat keeps asking you “So, almost time to start school for you? Spannend hoor!”

So it is no wonder that for a good couple of months, Nestor has been patiently waiting for that magic day when he gets to turn four. In the last days he wasn’t even asking about the gifts he was going to get (everyone knew that it had to be a dragon in some form or the other anyway) or the dragon cake I promised to make for him. He

And the day came. My baby turned four yesterday.

And we celebrated, with his best friends and lots and lots of dragons. Dragon cake, dragon games, dragon crafts, dragon gifts… When the cake came out and it was time to blow out the candles, he said that he would like to make a wish, closed his eyes and whispered: “I wish I could see a real dragon”. So if there are any real dragons out there, please do swing by, you would make this FOUR year old’s birthday wish come true.

This morning he woke up before dawn, pitter-pattered to our bed and asked visibly worried: “Mama, am I still not three any more?” I reassured him that he is definitely four and does not need to worry, he will never be three again.


What is the first thing that the birthday boy does in the morning? Open the gifts of course!


Toothless all ready for “pin the fire on the dragon” game


Dragon egg hunt


The eggs all found, now let’s put the map pieces together to find the treasure


Dragon balloons crafts


They were pretty pleased with the results


“I wish I could see a REAL dragon”


Dragon cake (sans wings, they were put last minute as they were quite heavy)


The group photo (the three “big” kids, Una and the brothers of two of Nestor’s friends graced us with their presence for a group photo)


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