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Christmas staycation 2014

This year we decided to stay home for Christmas, both Mark and I took two weeks off during the kids holidays. And it has.been.awesome. The goal for the holiday was, as a friend of ours nicely put it, to do as little as possible. We have been leaving the house on a regular basis, day trips, museum visits, quick trips to town for coffee, hot chocolate and Christmas shopping, long overdue dinner out with friends but most of all we have been resting at home, cooking, eating, playing, and just enjoying being together.

And a couple of photos from when we did decide to leave the house…

Kinderboeken museum (Museum of children books) visit

This is definitely my all time favourite place for children in our area. The museum is in Den Haag, which means a short train ride for us, which in itself is always a big adventure for the kids. The museum has two fixed expos, one for younger children, age 3-6, Kikker en Haas, which is just beautiful, and the bigger one for older children (7+) with tons to do and see, all books related of course. We go there often and the kids love it.


Rupsje nooitgenoeg (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)


New expo about letters “ABC met de dieren mee” (ABC with animals)


Nestor was more interested in the hiding and climbing opportunities than the actual content but I guess that means that the people who created the expo did a good job


A big hug for Kikker (beloved character from the children series by Max Velthuijs). One of the expos is Kikker en Haas and it is phenomenal.


Christmas day

The pictures speak for themselves I think, we had a lovely, easygoing day at home, with lots of food, playing, chilling together.


Nestor was happy enough to pose with the Christmas stockings but visibly anxious to open the “big” gifts.


A “death by chocolate” type cake, Serbian style, proudly decorated by Una


Christmas lunch…


and what we all did afterwards…


Cheating a bit – it snowed two days after Christmas

Kasteel De Haar (Castle De Haar), the largest and most luxurious castle in The Netherlands.

We went to this castle when Una was a toddler and thought now it would be a good time to do it again, given Nestor’s obsession with knights and dragons and swords and stuff. And indeed, as soon as we stepped into the gardens and he saw the castle in all its glory, his eyes lit up and he cried: “I dreamed about this, a castle like this one!” And now during the school holidays they had a special tour for children, “Fairy tales of De Haar” (Sprookjes van De Haar). As much as Nestor was fascinated by the outside of the castle, Una was taken by the tour and princess hunt, and the role she had in it (she got to wear a tiara!) Unfortunately it is not allowed to take photos inside the castle, so all we have are photos of the gardens and outside.






Una was proud of her role as the map navigator


The entrance


A selfie


The castle gardens



The castle door


Still in charge of navigating

Tomorrow is the New Years Eve and we have a full day of cooking planned. We are  going to our friends’ house for the evening, the plan is to let the kids (ours and theirs) stay up until they fall over, eat, drink, play Catan and be merry.

Happy New Year, may it be a great one, full of love and laughter!


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On coffee addiction, toy guns and will we ever get sleep again?


Una: “Ahhh, not again, I have had enough coffee for today!”

{It was Mark and mine 12.5th dating anniversary on Saturday so the four of us went to have lunch in town. We decided to check out a new place which turned out to be cute but rather overpriced, sort of smelly (weird old wood smell) and with very limited menu. They did have “children cappuccino”, which is basically steamed milk with cacao. Una and Nestor naturally decided to have a cappuccino like their parents. After that we did some shopping, got frozen and Mark suggested we warm up in our favourite coffee place. Una decided to protest with the sentence above}


The same day, while walking in town, we ran into Sinterklaas with his Pieten on the main square. I will write a separate post about the Sinterklaas craze around here as it seems all we talk about these days. For now, as soon as Nestor and Una saw the Sint, they let go of our hands, ran to him and Nestor ever so gratefully said:

“Sint, thank you SO much for my toy gun!” Sint chuckled and told Nestor that he was very welcome.

{a bit of background story – we are really uncomfortable with toy guns in our house, so neither of the kids have had them before. Una got a NERF foam dart gun as a birthday present from a friend, and Nestor has been drooling over it ever since. So we gave in and ask Sint to get him one of his own.}


Nestor is going through a phase where he is scared at night and anywhere from 1am onward climbs into our bed to cuddle, talk, sing, muse on the meaning of life, in short anything but sleep. Needless to say we are all TIRED.

The conversation at breakfast this morning:

Mark: “Nestor, will you please stay in your own bed at night?”

Nestor: “Yes, Daddy. I will. One day.”

Mark: “Not one day, Nestor. Tonight.”

Nestor: “Not tonight. Monday”

The end.

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