On coffee addiction, toy guns and will we ever get sleep again?


Una: “Ahhh, not again, I have had enough coffee for today!”

{It was Mark and mine 12.5th dating anniversary on Saturday so the four of us went to have lunch in town. We decided to check out a new place which turned out to be cute but rather overpriced, sort of smelly (weird old wood smell) and with very limited menu. They did have “children cappuccino”, which is basically steamed milk with cacao. Una and Nestor naturally decided to have a cappuccino like their parents. After that we did some shopping, got frozen and Mark suggested we warm up in our favourite coffee place. Una decided to protest with the sentence above}


The same day, while walking in town, we ran into Sinterklaas with his Pieten on the main square. I will write a separate post about the Sinterklaas craze around here as it seems all we talk about these days. For now, as soon as Nestor and Una saw the Sint, they let go of our hands, ran to him and Nestor ever so gratefully said:

“Sint, thank you SO much for my toy gun!” Sint chuckled and told Nestor that he was very welcome.

{a bit of background story – we are really uncomfortable with toy guns in our house, so neither of the kids have had them before. Una got a NERF foam dart gun as a birthday present from a friend, and Nestor has been drooling over it ever since. So we gave in and ask Sint to get him one of his own.}


Nestor is going through a phase where he is scared at night and anywhere from 1am onward climbs into our bed to cuddle, talk, sing, muse on the meaning of life, in short anything but sleep. Needless to say we are all TIRED.

The conversation at breakfast this morning:

Mark: “Nestor, will you please stay in your own bed at night?”

Nestor: “Yes, Daddy. I will. One day.”

Mark: “Not one day, Nestor. Tonight.”

Nestor: “Not tonight. Monday”

The end.


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