Born in The Netherlands to a South African father and a Serbian mother, Una’s and Nestor’s lives are off to an interesting start. This is a little bilingual blog about it. We’ll try to keep it up to date as best as possible with stories and photos of our fabulous little monsters.

ETA: With we I mean I since it turns out that Mark doesn’t enjoy writing half as much as I do. And naturally, the blog has become not only a diary of how they are growing but also a place for me to muse on all things parenting, the joys and frustrations of it, the elusive work-life (im)balance, the voices in my head that keep it even more fun. Long story short,  six nine years down the road I am still shell-shocked by it all. And I have to be able to explain it in three languages. Welcome!


Una i Nestor su rodjeni u Holandiji, od juznoafrickog oca i srpske majke. Mi mislimo da je to dobar pocetak za jedno interesantno detinjstvo. Ovo je dvojezicni blog o tome kako oni rastu. Mi se trudimo da redovno postavljamo slike i price nasih malih cudovista!

Dodatak: Pod me se misli ja, posto se ispostavilo da Mark i nije bas poetski naklonjen. I prirodno, blog je postao ne samo dnevnik o tome kako oni rastu nego i mesto za mene da gundjam o svemu sto je vezano za roditeljstvo, sve radosti i frustracije, nedostizni balans izmedju posla i porodice itd. Ukratko  – skoro sest godina kasnije, ja i dalje ne znam sta me snaslo. I sve to moram da objasnim na 3 jezika.

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  1. Hello! I am also a trilingual maman! English French and Spanish with four kids and living in France with my French hubby! Looking forward to following your aventures! !

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