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On coffee addiction, toy guns and will we ever get sleep again?


Una: “Ahhh, not again, I have had enough coffee for today!”

{It was Mark and mine 12.5th dating anniversary on Saturday so the four of us went to have lunch in town. We decided to check out a new place which turned out to be cute but rather overpriced, sort of smelly (weird old wood smell) and with very limited menu. They did have “children cappuccino”, which is basically steamed milk with cacao. Una and Nestor naturally decided to have a cappuccino like their parents. After that we did some shopping, got frozen and Mark suggested we warm up in our favourite coffee place. Una decided to protest with the sentence above}


The same day, while walking in town, we ran into Sinterklaas with his Pieten on the main square. I will write a separate post about the Sinterklaas craze around here as it seems all we talk about these days. For now, as soon as Nestor and Una saw the Sint, they let go of our hands, ran to him and Nestor ever so gratefully said:

“Sint, thank you SO much for my toy gun!” Sint chuckled and told Nestor that he was very welcome.

{a bit of background story – we are really uncomfortable with toy guns in our house, so neither of the kids have had them before. Una got a NERF foam dart gun as a birthday present from a friend, and Nestor has been drooling over it ever since. So we gave in and ask Sint to get him one of his own.}


Nestor is going through a phase where he is scared at night and anywhere from 1am onward climbs into our bed to cuddle, talk, sing, muse on the meaning of life, in short anything but sleep. Needless to say we are all TIRED.

The conversation at breakfast this morning:

Mark: “Nestor, will you please stay in your own bed at night?”

Nestor: “Yes, Daddy. I will. One day.”

Mark: “Not one day, Nestor. Tonight.”

Nestor: “Not tonight. Monday”

The end.

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The One Who Knows (Almost) Everything

I was away for three days for work and when I came back it shocked me how much Nestor changed in those three days. All of a sudden he is giving these all-knowing, cheeky answers in English, talking about things he had never talked about before and all in all just seems, I don’t know.. a lot older? I guess this is what going to the “big” school will do to a four year old.

So yesterday, while Mark and Una were at the pool for Una’s swimming lessons (she now does snorkeling and advanced swimming, so proud of her!), he was telling me about what he did at school while I was away. I can’t remember exactly what but he answered something in such a wise way that totally threw me off and I said: “Wow, you know everything now!”

With a slight sigh he replied: “No, mama, I don’t know everything.

I: “Sure, no one knows everything, I just meant you’ve learnt so much.”

Nestor: “No one knows everything, indeed. But Una knows almost everything.”

Not his parents, not his teachers, not even his one-year-older best friend. His big sister.


Dancing together

20141019_130444 (1)

Navigating the maze together


Needs no caption

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Day 80

Today I am grateful for a lovely walk and Knus playtime in Delftse Hout with Una and Nestor. I have written before that Una needs time and space to really express her feelings and nothing better than long walks in the forest with nothing else to “do”. With each “big” talk she amazes me with how deep her thoughts are, how genuinely empathetic she is. It is bittersweet, I am so proud of her but at the same time it is an undeniable proof that she is growing up, sometimes too fast for me to follow.

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Let’s see whether their father also thinks there is pixie dust all over our living room floor.

pixie dust

pixie dust

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Parenting Lesson #4353: Everything you say and do will be held against you

Two conversations I had with Una and Nestor recently:

*conversation with Una*

Una: “Mama, I love you more than anything in the world.”

I: “Oh my dearest. I love you even more”.

Una: “No, I love you the most.”

I: “No, I love YOU more.”

{she has heard Mark and I before so she plays along. After a few minutes of going back and forth I thought I got her}

I: “Look, I love you more because I am bigger and so my heart is bigger which means it can hold more love”

Una: “Yes, but you said that my heart was made of gold so it can hold even more love.”


*conversation with Nestor*

I {looking all disgusted into a cup I just took out of the dishwasher to pour Nestor juice only to realise that it was covered with yucky black spots}: “What the….”

Nestor: “Hell?”


Lessons learnt (other than the one from the title):

1. My daughter is not only amazingly good-hearted but also quite quick-witted.

2. We should really watch our language better around here.

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Terrible twos?

Child’s play.

Fiendish fives – you are doing my head in. That is all.


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It has begun

A conversation between Una and Mark yesterday afternoon…

{Una has brought into the house the long rod that used to hold the bicycle flag. Once upon a time it lived on her bicycle but was gently removed ripped out  by a little person who shall not be named. She is swinging it violently around our living room}

Mark: “Una, please take that stick outside” X 46372347

Una: {all kinds of whoosh and swish sounds}

Mark: “Una take the stick outside and leave it there!”

Una (a.k.a The Master of Finding Excuses): “Daddy if I do that Nestor will find the stick and poke his eye out!”

Mark {not quite listening to what she is saying and registering it as yet another excuse}: “UNA, take that stick outside or you are going to go to the corner!”

Una: “Well, Daddy, which would be worse?”

In other news, we are *almost* de-jet lagged. 3am wakings and 4am breakfasts are hopefully behind us. The photo below is taken during the process…



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