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November – we beat you / Zeznuli smo novembar

Those of you who know that our Cataluna trip was in September are probably thinking that this post is coming 2 months later purely due to my laziness but you could not be more wrong. You see, when October rolls around this household goes into a slight state of panic knowing that dark rainy days are just around the corner and we are sooo not ready for it. In fact our D-vitamine reserves are so depleted over the years that in September we are kind of still waiting for the long hot summer to kick in. Except, summers here are definitely not long and certainly not hot.  Somewhere around late November things start looking up for us – the  upcoming holidays (Sinterklas, Lichtjesavond, Christmas 25.12, Christmas 7.1. well that is a lot of merriment), erwtensoep and the never ending hope for some snow this winter.

So we keep some bits and pieces of our summer trips to luckier warmer places to cheer us up in this chrisis period. Hence Catalunian sun and sangria 2 months later!


Pretpostavljam da se cudite sto pisem o nasem putovanju u Barselonu/Cadaques skoro 2 meseca kasnije. I tek sto ste pomislili da je to cista lenjost s moje strane, zeznuli ste se. Stvar je u tome da u nasoj  porodici, kad Oktobar pomoli svoju kisnu glavu, sve udje u stanje blage panike pred samom pomisli o predstojecoj dugoj, sivoj, kisnoj zimi. I to nas drzi tamo to pocetka decembra, a onda dodje Sinterklas, Lichtjesavond, Bozic 25.12, Bozic 7.1, i-ha, brdo razloga za slavlje.

I tako mi ostavimo neke od slika i secanja na putovanja u srecnije toplije krajeve, cisto da prebrodimo novembar.

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