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Nestor says

{Nestor and I are doing grocery shopping. Freshly baked chocolate croissants are calling from the bread isle.}

I: “Nestor, would you like a chocolate croissant?”

Nestor : “Neee! Dat is helemaal ongezond! (That is totally unhealthy!) {giving me a look of disgust, as though I suggested that we have McDonalds hamburgers with a side of sugar candy for dinner}

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This time, 7 years ago, I was in the home stretch, last few hours of waiting for Una, wondering what she would look like, what she would be like, what it all would be like.


Seven years later.

She is beautiful, tall, with gorgeous curly hair and big brown eyes. 

She is compassionate, sensitive, dreamy and funny.

It is all-consuming, ever-changing and truly wonderful.


Srecan rodjendan, mila moja.

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