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The One Who Knows (Almost) Everything

I was away for three days for work and when I came back it shocked me how much Nestor changed in those three days. All of a sudden he is giving these all-knowing, cheeky answers in English, talking about things he had never talked about before and all in all just seems, I don’t know.. a lot older? I guess this is what going to the “big” school will do to a four year old.

So yesterday, while Mark and Una were at the pool for Una’s swimming lessons (she now does snorkeling and advanced swimming, so proud of her!), he was telling me about what he did at school while I was away. I can’t remember exactly what but he answered something in such a wise way that totally threw me off and I said: “Wow, you know everything now!”

With a slight sigh he replied: “No, mama, I don’t know everything.

I: “Sure, no one knows everything, I just meant you’ve learnt so much.”

Nestor: “No one knows everything, indeed. But Una knows almost everything.”

Not his parents, not his teachers, not even his one-year-older best friend. His big sister.


Dancing together

20141019_130444 (1)

Navigating the maze together


Needs no caption

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