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Parenting Lesson #4353: Everything you say and do will be held against you

Two conversations I had with Una and Nestor recently:

*conversation with Una*

Una: “Mama, I love you more than anything in the world.”

I: “Oh my dearest. I love you even more”.

Una: “No, I love you the most.”

I: “No, I love YOU more.”

{she has heard Mark and I before so she plays along. After a few minutes of going back and forth I thought I got her}

I: “Look, I love you more because I am bigger and so my heart is bigger which means it can hold more love”

Una: “Yes, but you said that my heart was made of gold so it can hold even more love.”


*conversation with Nestor*

I {looking all disgusted into a cup I just took out of the dishwasher to pour Nestor juice only to realise that it was covered with yucky black spots}: “What the….”

Nestor: “Hell?”


Lessons learnt (other than the one from the title):

1. My daughter is not only amazingly good-hearted but also quite quick-witted.

2. We should really watch our language better around here.


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