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Worth the wait

Wow, it’s been almost 6 months since our last post. And I thought my normal 2-3 week stretches were too long. There is no real and there are a lot of reasons for this hiatus. We had a bit of a crappy start to the year, as some of you may know, so we didn’t really feel like talking.

BUT, we have some really good news to make up for the long break. We are thrilled to be expecting a new addition to our little  familysomewhere around early-mid November! Una is fascinated by the idea of a baby in mama’s belly and the first thing she asked for is to hold the baby :). It took some explaining but she now realises that the baby has to grow some more before she can hold him/her.  We are very happy that we are able to give her a sibling, she loves being with other children and is especially gentle with babies.

We have decided not to find out  the sex this time, until the birth of course :). I was in favour of not finding out with Una as well but Mark really wanted to know and curiosity got the better of me and…

The first trimester is not being kind to me, the tiredness and nausea are much worse this time around. I am pretty much useless after 5pm, sometimes even earlier, so Mark has to pick up most of the child raising and household duties. Hopefully the second trimester will bring some much needed relief.

There are some other less important news as well but this one deserved its own post, everything else can wait a bit!



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